Todi as Teacher: Christina’s blog post on Becoming Italian, Word by Word

When Dianne Hales, author of the excellent and informative book, La Bella Lingua, My Love Affair with the World’s Most Enchanting Language, asked me to write an article for her blog Becoming Italian Word by Word, I was thrilled. Not only is Dianne a talented writer and obviously one of the world’s most devoted adult Italian students, but she has a tremendous appreciation for people, like me, who devote their lives to teaching “la bella lingua”. She has said to me more than once, “Italian teachers are my heroes!”. Makes a girls’ day. You can subscribe to Dianne’s blog and read my article, “Todi as Teacher”, as well as many others sure to be of interest here.

One of my many goals is to have Dianne herself experience Two Weeks in Todi with me. Magari!


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  1. Elena Said:

    Ciao, Christina. Loved your article, only wishing it had been a bit longer since I miss hearing your heart. I read portions of Dianne’s book on the web and watched the accompanying video. She’s had quite the aventura italiana I loved her comment about her transformation: her skirts a little shorter, her heels a little higher. I get that! E

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