Archery with the Archers

Arcus Tuder is an archery club of about 26 men and (a few) women who meet to practice at their outdoor range (equipped with a grill and tables, naturally) and also compete (occasionally in medieval costume) around the region and the country. Carlo Rellini, whose wife taught us cooking last week, invited a group of 12 of us to join him and his fellow master archers for a 2 hour archery lesson. Clear, patient and funny, they taught us all the basics of this historic sport and generously lent us their bows and arrows despite our novice level of ability. Not surprisingly, Geoff and Sarah Archer seemed to be innately gifted, but they weren’t the only ones. I think more than a few of us will be looking into archery lessons back home. Who knows, maybe we’ll even compete in medieval garb in Bevagna next year!


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  1. Elena Said:

    I wish I remember the archer’s name (he wore a bandana to keep his chin-length hair from his face) tho I recall he teaches Latin at the University in Perugia). He told me something I will not quickly forget.
    When I asked him about where to aim the point of the arrow, how to sight it in relation to the target, he said, “The arrow will speak to you where it wants to go. You are only to listen to it.” Those few words sweetly pierced my soul. Suddenly, I was taken to that sublime space where mystery and beauty dwell. “Oh,” I replied, “Archery is not merely a sport. It is art.” “E vera. C’e arte.”
    With the next pull of my bow, arms staright and strong, I listened to the arrow and with let fly my desire to listen and to love.

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